Symani Coffee Mug Warmer Blue


  • ☕NOVEL APPEARANCE: Symani compact mug warmer adopt a fashion design with nice blue LED lighting, can also be used as home decoration while it’s working as a candle wax warmer or coffee warmer for desk
  • 👍EASY TO USE: Just plug in the plug, touch the switch then the cup warmer light on and bottle warmer works. It is gathered with a high-tech water resistant conductive glass surface, can wipe it clean easily with a rag or paper towel.
  • 🌡CONSTANT TEMP: Cup warmer for coffee is designed with low power consumption to keep your hot coffee or tea at a drinkable temperature (131F/55C) then you can drink at anywhere any time. No matter it’s winter, summer, spring or autumn, a cup of warm coffee is always a blessing, a must-have item for coffee lovers.
  • 🍵MULTI USE: Smart coffee warmer is also great at melting chocolate or cheese for homemade treats, and it can even function as a candle warmer to fill the room with pleasant scents. You can place it on your working desk or bedside table for your hot coffee, hot cocoa, tea or candle wax.
  • ❤RISK FREE – This wax candle warmer with an auto shut off function after working 8 hours to prevent any possible product damage and unwanted hazards. No worry about forgetting to turn it off. 100% satisfaction guaranteed for refund or replacement if you have any problem with our mug warmer.



Symani Coffee Mug Warmer For Office Home Desk Use

Symani Coffee Mug Warmer Amazing Features

We are truly proud of Symani Warmer. We care most about our customer’s experience. We carefully designed all the details to try to make our customers satisfied. Here are Symani Warmer features:

  • Built-In Gravity Induction Switch – Just place your mug on it, it will automatically turn on, no need to turn it on/off manually
  • 131℉/55℃ Maintain Optimal Temperature – Always keep your hot coffee or tea at a drinkable temperature of 131℉/55℃
  • Auto On/Off Function – Just Put your mug on and the cup warmer will work auto, take it away, the cup warmer will off auto
  • Adopt Waterproof Design – The heating area was covered with a layer of thermal conductive glass without the need for security concern for the occasional spill and it is easy to clean


Place your favorite cup of joe, tea, or cocoa on the plate, and it’ll keep it nice and hot for hours so you can enjoy it at your leisure.

NOTE: This product is used for heat preservation and does NOT support boiling liquid.



  1. The pressure sensor switch will automatically open when the weight is more than 450g(±10g).
  2. Please gently press the cup to open the pressure sensor switch, when the weight of the cup (with coffee) is between 250g-450g (±10g).
  3. The pressure sensor switch will not be open when the weight of the cup (with coffee) is less than 250g(±10g).
  4. The position of the cup will also affect the pressure sensor switch.


NOTE: This product is used for heat preservation and does NOT support boiling liquid.

We deliver Symani Coffee Mug Warmer packed in a super cool box, adorned with detailed illustrations carefully crafted by the Symani design team. We have designed everything in such a way that person falls in love with in the first impression of Symani Warmer as a gift.

When it comes to occasions, Symani Coffee Mug Warmer would be a decent and wonderful gift for girls, women, mother, girlfriend, wife, and lover, on birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, valentine, New Year, and whatnot.

What’s more, gifting someone doesn’t require any reasons. If you want to make someone feel special and cared for, there’s no need to wait for an occasion like a birthday. Symani Coffee Mug Warmer, with all the pros of gifting, keeps the beverages always warm, is the finest gift for all your loved ones, appreciate them, and spread happiness & smiles.

Where there is Symani, there is a warmer.

86 reviews for Symani Coffee Mug Warmer Blue

  1. Ria Roland

    Looks nice. Good quality product.

  2. sandra chavez

    So cute and works great. Keeps my coffee cup nice and warm.

  3. Carlotta Scales

    It allows me to use my candles without burning them and they last longer

  4. Carlotta Scales

    I wish there was an option to change the colors, but I like how it allows me to savor the smells of my candles

  5. S Knopf

    Just got it. Seems to keep beverage warm. Easy to use. Hope to use at my desk.

  6. Jessica peart

    Auto shut off is nice feature. I haven’t used it for long but it appears to be sturdy and just what I asked for.

  7. Wayne Coyle

    Great! Works light a charm! Use it daily.

  8. Bonnie Turner-Adomatis

    Works well. Gets hot enough to reheat cold coffee.

  9. Melanie D Bleile

    I returned a different coffee cup warmer and ended up returning it and purchasing this one after reading the reviews. It works very well and keeps my coffee hot for a long time.

  10. Matthew LaPiana

    Haven’t used long enough to share amyghing

  11. Amanda Edens

    Beautiful sleek design, love the lights and looks great with other things I own.

  12. Michelle Kimble

    Nice addition to my new home office!

  13. Julie Middleton

    I have not tested this out yet but it looks awesome. I plan on testing this out in the next few days though.

  14. Alfire Reed

    I like the warmer very much. I use it to melt my candles instead if having an open flame around my great- grandchildren. I’ve recommended it to my friends and family.

  15. Steph

    Great and convenient desk product. Keeps my coffee warm and big enough for a small bowl.

  16. Mamba McCat

    Works better than the last coffee maker I got, but it did take quite a few tries to get it to start heating

  17. Keysha C Johnson

    It is a Mother’s Day gift from my boyfriend.

  18. Duc Doan

    Nice very classy looking and it works perfectly

  19. Katrina Lunceford

    keeps tea/coffee warm. Directions say to use ceramic smooth sided cups, not ones with ridges or grooves on them. Do NOT use this warmer in the microwave! Very nice and fun to look at , with the lights around the edges.

  20. Thanh Van

    It works and i like the light color but it doesnot really blue more . The cord is too short.

  21. Stacie Hebb

    I have used just a little cheap $5 candle warmer to keep my coffee cup warm for years. What I love about this one is the bigger base so now I am not limited in my size of coffee cup. And I love that it will turn itself off. Nothing like waking up, realizing that you left it on all night and having burnt coffee or tea in the bottom of your cup

  22. kristina velasco

    Works great. Using in my office. Love it

  23. Alexis Vogan

    I have used this since I got it as a gift for Christmas and had to buy some more for the rest of the house!

  24. Tara Seibel

    This product has a great design and keeps my coffee warm!

  25. dawn schank

    works very well. keeps the coffee warm

  26. Anabel Eliserio

    My coffee for the first time stayed warm at the right temperature for me to drink it all. Great product!

  27. Lisa Brady

    It keeps the hot chocolate hot. It does it’s job well.

  28. Angela Horta

    I like this product because of the lights and I like that it’s blue because most cute things I find are pink but I don’t like pink. I also like that it matches with my blue coffee mug.

  29. Claudia Santos

    Perfect gift. Works as advertised and is supper easy to use.

  30. Burke Flynn

    Keeps my coffee warm. Warm coffee is good coffee

  31. Kriss Daniels

    So far I’m liking this. It’s pretty cool looking. Very spacey fun! Seems to be working fine so far.

  32. Rachel Scholz

    This warmer gets very hot and not only keeps my drink warm but also heats it up if it isn’t hot when I place it on the warmer.

  33. Best Steven

    Very easy to set up. Like it because of auto shut off feature.

  34. Fran Saperstein

    I bought one for work and was so happy with it I needed to get one for home.

  35. Mark Albright

    It was a gift. Works great! There isn’t that much more I can say. It keeps my coffee warm.

  36. Jessica Lubbers

    Works perfect for keeping my coffee warm or as a candle melter.

  37. Gene Harris

    Seems to work well. I like the looks and design.

  38. Amanda Cox

    Love this. It heats quickly and keeps my coffee toasty. Lights are very pretty and not too bright. Would definitely buy again.

  39. Shirley Tam

    It is very visually appealing and it works great for my beverages. It also matches perfectly with my Apple office gadgets.


    Great product. Works good for heating up my coffee.

  41. Sharon A Fama

    Have not had a chance to use it yet.

  42. Eric Obermeyer

    Keeps coffee warm all day long

  43. Justine F. Smith

    I think it is awesome so far for my daily work needs

  44. Ashley Dallas

    Warmer works great and doesn’t take long to heat up. Gives off a faint, high pitched noise every few seconds. The cord is a little bit short. Style goes great with my LED accessories at work.

  45. Kim ODonnell

    I received my warmer yesterday and could not wait to try it out. I love it, works as designed and will be used every day. Working from home, my morning coffee tends to get cold when I’m busy, I end up pouring it out. But, no longer will this happen, thanks to my new coffee warmer!

  46. Tera Glee Humphrey

    Does what it says it’s going to do. It is a little bulkier than I thought it was going to be and the blue isn’t as bright – but it’s good.

  47. Rhonda

    Nice lighted, and very functional with candle or cup warming ability

  48. Katie Rosner

    Works very well. My husband keeps it at his desk to keep his coffee warm while working.

  49. Janet Michael

    I like it been wanting to have one, my coffee if I don’t drink it fast enough it gets cold!

  50. Kate Mclary

    Perfect as a candle warmer. I love that it shuts off after 8 hours because I don’t have to worry about forgetting that it’s on. Also love that it lights up because it goes with the aesthetic of my living room

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