Symani Coffee Mug Warmer Blue


  • ☕NOVEL APPEARANCE: Symani compact mug warmer adopt a fashion design with nice blue LED lighting, can also be used as home decoration while it’s working as a candle wax warmer or coffee warmer for desk
  • 👍EASY TO USE: Just plug in the plug, touch the switch then the cup warmer light on and bottle warmer works. It is gathered with a high-tech water resistant conductive glass surface, can wipe it clean easily with a rag or paper towel.
  • 🌡CONSTANT TEMP: Cup warmer for coffee is designed with low power consumption to keep your hot coffee or tea at a drinkable temperature (131F/55C) then you can drink at anywhere any time. No matter it’s winter, summer, spring or autumn, a cup of warm coffee is always a blessing, a must-have item for coffee lovers.
  • 🍵MULTI USE: Smart coffee warmer is also great at melting chocolate or cheese for homemade treats, and it can even function as a candle warmer to fill the room with pleasant scents. You can place it on your working desk or bedside table for your hot coffee, hot cocoa, tea or candle wax.
  • ❤RISK FREE – This wax candle warmer with an auto shut off function after working 8 hours to prevent any possible product damage and unwanted hazards. No worry about forgetting to turn it off. 100% satisfaction guaranteed for refund or replacement if you have any problem with our mug warmer.



Symani Coffee Mug Warmer For Office Home Desk Use

Symani Coffee Mug Warmer Amazing Features

We are truly proud of Symani Warmer. We care most about our customer’s experience. We carefully designed all the details to try to make our customers satisfied. Here are Symani Warmer features:

  • Built-In Gravity Induction Switch – Just place your mug on it, it will automatically turn on, no need to turn it on/off manually
  • 131℉/55℃ Maintain Optimal Temperature – Always keep your hot coffee or tea at a drinkable temperature of 131℉/55℃
  • Auto On/Off Function – Just Put your mug on and the cup warmer will work auto, take it away, the cup warmer will off auto
  • Adopt Waterproof Design – The heating area was covered with a layer of thermal conductive glass without the need for security concern for the occasional spill and it is easy to clean


Place your favorite cup of joe, tea, or cocoa on the plate, and it’ll keep it nice and hot for hours so you can enjoy it at your leisure.

NOTE: This product is used for heat preservation and does NOT support boiling liquid.



  1. The pressure sensor switch will automatically open when the weight is more than 450g(±10g).
  2. Please gently press the cup to open the pressure sensor switch, when the weight of the cup (with coffee) is between 250g-450g (±10g).
  3. The pressure sensor switch will not be open when the weight of the cup (with coffee) is less than 250g(±10g).
  4. The position of the cup will also affect the pressure sensor switch.


NOTE: This product is used for heat preservation and does NOT support boiling liquid.

We deliver Symani Coffee Mug Warmer packed in a super cool box, adorned with detailed illustrations carefully crafted by the Symani design team. We have designed everything in such a way that person falls in love with in the first impression of Symani Warmer as a gift.

When it comes to occasions, Symani Coffee Mug Warmer would be a decent and wonderful gift for girls, women, mother, girlfriend, wife, and lover, on birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, valentine, New Year, and whatnot.

What’s more, gifting someone doesn’t require any reasons. If you want to make someone feel special and cared for, there’s no need to wait for an occasion like a birthday. Symani Coffee Mug Warmer, with all the pros of gifting, keeps the beverages always warm, is the finest gift for all your loved ones, appreciate them, and spread happiness & smiles.

Where there is Symani, there is a warmer.

86 reviews for Symani Coffee Mug Warmer Blue

  1. Merry Van Dyke

    I love it because it lights up and this indicates to me it is turned on. Also, it really looks pretty all lit up!

  2. Heather Ward

    It works great. I just wished it had a longer cord or a USB attachment.

  3. Razan Salti

    Love it.
    Keeps my coffee warm

  4. Tiffany Crockwell

    It’s not as visually appealing as I’d hoped for but it’s still cool and works well to keep my coffee hot.

  5. Teena L Duff

    I haven’t gotten to use mine much yet but my first time using it it heated my cup (yeti mug) up alot but the not my coffee. I didn’t have much coffee left in it so I don’t know know if that had something to do with it kinda strange. I love it’s sexy futuristic look very nice but the lights for the blue aren’t very vivid when I lights up looks more like just white. One thing to note is that even though the warmer turns off on its own after a time I still would trust it this thing gets hot even the power button was very hot to try and turn it off so it’s not somethings turn on set my coffee down and walk away from. That being said I am excited though to use this for candles I think it is going to work very well with out hot it gets and might make my favorite candles last much longer!!

  6. Lori Snyder

    Perfect size for bigger mugs and keeps my coffee the PERFECT temperature.

  7. Katie Scovel

    Works well and is functional. Keeps liquids hot in a nice, convenient way.

  8. Amy Lazzaretti

    Love the large size to fit the huge mugs. Works well to keep my hot beverages warm/pretty hot.

  9. Jennifer Kennerly

    Love that it reminds me it’s on by looking at it

  10. Yingshu He

    It looks nice and pretty but need more time to test it.

  11. Sean P Kranick

    Concept is cool but when you place item onto it, it does not turn on like it should

  12. John Camacho

    Very good product and great price!!

  13. Patty Morris

    The coffee warmer works fine since I have only used it for two days it is hard to write much of a review

  14. Stephanie N. Hashim

    Love it!!!!! This is a really cool warmer. The design function is awesome and it does its job in keeping my coffee from going cold!

  15. Dawn Breese

    I’ve tried others and this one keeps my coffee hot all the way to the bottom great warmer

  16. Julie Videll

    Like the product with the 8 hour shut off.

  17. Ro H

    Love the color. Love the color. Love the color. Love the color. Love the color. Love the color.

  18. Laura Underwood

    Was going to ask for as a gift but decided I couldn’t wait. Love it!

  19. Alma Durazo

    Very useful I love it. Keeps my coffee warm perfect temperature

  20. Tracy Pfeiff

    I just received it today, so I don’t really have a review yet.

  21. richard roberts

    one of only a few with on/off switch. bought the blue disc. will be buying the pink disk for the wife.

  22. Henry Maldonado

    Looks cool and works great……..use it for warning resin for crafts.

  23. Sarah Hensley

    I’m excited to use your product since it has an automatic shut off

  24. Earline Stone

    The design and style is awesome. I would recommend this product to my family and friends. I’m really enjoying it from the short time I have had it. Thanks

  25. Wendy Bale

    This keeps my coffee perfectly hot, like just poured!

  26. Lauren Smith

    Great product! Love the design and how well it melts a candle.

  27. Dennis E Dubiel

    Love the size and lights and the fact that it has a timer to shut off at the end of eight hours

  28. Sherry wright

    Works great and pretty to look at

  29. Yamilette Williams

    Just received my warmer and immediately grabbed my candle that is down to its last 1/2 inch but the fragrance is still there. It’s simple to use. I noticed that the lights go from high and low amber while its on – nice ambience):

  30. Donna Dow

    As I have yet to use this item, I do look forward to seeing how well it works!

  31. Sandra Kelley

    I love the auto off feature! I use it for my candles too. I just wish the blue was brighter in color.

  32. Jeramy Sweat

    We got to warm up candles and now we do not have smoke in our rooms. Works great!

  33. Debbie Sutton

    So far it is working great! Love the LED blue lights on it.

  34. Effat Badawi

    Very festive and happy design. Keeps drinks hot.

  35. Braxton Marcela

    Looks neat on the counter love the lights

  36. Donika Brown

    Great warmer does what it’s supposed to do

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